Why Use the App?

1. Track your 7 Principles

2. Stay Accountable

3. Be Consistent 

All of the above will lead to... ENTELECHUS (The Becoming)

Things you should know.

There are 2 levels of the Heal Thy Self APP.

LEVEL 1. Heal Thy Self Basic App

Anyone can download this version from the app store but they will NOT get the full access features as listed below until they become a TRiBE member.

LEVEL 2. Heal Thy Self TRiBE Premium App.

There are 5 main featured areas of the HTS TRiBE Premium App:

1. Log

2. ​Profile

3. ​Coach

4. ​Community

5. ​Leaderboard!

All will be explained in full in the below 10 min video.

Let's get set up!


Download the Heal Thy Self App from your smart phones app store.


Activate your premium version by clicking on the below whilst your on your smartphone.


Watch this how to use the app video.


Please keep in mind this is the first release of many so be sure to let us know your feedback or wish list items via this online feedback form!

Were so happy that you're here!

Tyler, Rachelle

& the Heal Thy Self Team