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Current Updates:

Please find an update and resources below in regards of the free HVT online tour that is coming up and we are going to share some email templates with you soon too. Make sure you create Affiliate Links for any of the links that you are sharing with your clients.

Update from Rana & Rachelle:

Eventbrite Links for the Tour (Create an Affiliate Link and Bitly Link):

Hashtag spreadsheet:

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Hi Everyone,

The HTS Alignment Call with Rachelle + Tyler + Bucky are going to be mandatory for all our coaches. If you can’t join the live webinar (as let’s say you are in different parts of the world) you are required to catch up with the recordings once it’s uploaded. We are getting more strict and we will actually start to check as to whether you are watching those recordings. We need you to be engaged and stay up to date and those calls have shown to be very powerful & informative and we appreciate everyone’s ideas and inputs.

Another few updates as follows:

  • We are separating the Business Toolkit to have 1 platform solely for the coaches and 1 platform for our students. We have already separated out the Facebook Groups. If you wish to stay inside the Students FB Group, please re-join here —>
  • At the start of each month, we are sending out an email with ALL the webinars for that particular month. We are trying our best to NOT change those times once they are locked in. So please take a bit of time at the start of each month to get organised when it comes to the webinars.
  • Here is our HTS Coach Team Up Calendar which we will embed back to the Business Toolkit inside your Coach Calendars Section (different from the students calendar). The Zoom links have been added to the description inside this calendar as well.
  • We also add ALL Events to the events section inside our Coach Facebook group. That is another option to have you add them to your calendar and be organised. Make sure you pin this group to your shortcuts and allocate 10-15 min each day to scroll through the FB group and the zoom group for updates as well as this updates area here.
  • Last but not least, PLEASE ensure that you are sending ALL affiliate related questions to [email protected] and NOT [email protected]. Our Customer Service Angel Julie is supporting Hayley with the Affiliates from now onwards.

Hi Everyone,


The 20% Discount Code has changed from AMB20 to CCH20 (for yourself) and CCHFF20 (for your friends and family members) It’s only the code that has changed and not the percentage. AMB20 will no longer work.

We have been streamlining the Coach Acuity to link directly with your Zoom. It will create automatic bookings inside your zoom that you can access if you click Meetings inside Zoom.

IMPORTANT – What else has changed are your Calendar booking links. You now only have ONE LINK to send people to for your “direct scheduling link”. The best place ideally to send them is your coach sales page that we create on the Heal Thy Self Website… but if you are a person who wants to send them directly to the calendar you will need to use your Calendar Link.

Below I have done a video for you updating you all on your updated Individual Coach Sales Pages, The USD & AUD Recommendation Forms, and where to find in zoom the links for your Coach Sessions.

VIDEO ONE (Update Summary) –

VIDEO TWO (How to find your Direct Scheduling Link in Acuity) –

To access your Coach Sales Page:

To access the USD Reco Form:
To access the AUD Reco Form:

To log into Acuity:

Hi wonderful students,

We are DISABLING Acuity for all Students until you have become a HTS Coach. This is because we are doing major upgrades and streamlining to our systems and we know that this process has overwhelmed many students in the past and it’s not really needed until you are a Coach.

Nothing really changes for you other than that you are no longer required to log into your Acuity and book in your practice clients through Acuity. Moving forward everyone will be taught this process once they graduate and become a HTS Coach.

Please reach out if you have any questions

Hi Coaches, every 2 weeks we will meet with Tyler, Rachelle & Bucky to help align this coach division and to have your voices heard.

In the future coaches can submit feedback, questions and concerns via:

Share wins + General Business updates
Business Announcements/Updates

COACHing division
Events divisions
Products (if any)
TRiBE (if any)
Marketing Updates
COACH Leader Board
Any acknowledgements/ concerns addressed – HTS
Any acknowledgements/concerns addressed – From Coach end (have
your voices heard)

Please find a video here from Rachelle, Bucky & Inna in how you can get involved with Inna Segal’s work more —>

Sales page to go to is here —>
and promo code is COACH20 to get 20% off the bundle (only available on the pay in full option)

Below are the 2 registration pages. Please head over to the webinars section and watch Bucky’s webinar from the 11th of April to know how to utilise those links. Remember to create an Affiliate Link for each page and save them under your Bookmarks.


The HTS Express Live Online will be from the 17th, 18th & 19th of April 2020 and the price will be $970 AUD instead of $2970 AUD. The Flash Sale Email has been sent out today.
Please make sure you join the Facebook Group here –> as we would love you all to support us during the online event.

The Sales Page is here for those that have not completed the Express in the past. You can sell the HTS Express Live Online and earn commission using your Affiliate Link for the Sales Page above. Please wait 24h before creating an Affiliate Link as this is not fully set up yet, but will be within the next 24 hours.

Anyone else who has completed the HTS Express in the past is able to join the Facebook Group and get onto the HTS Express Live for free.

Please find updates below:

1) We are creating a more professional video of Tyler taking eye photos on his iPhone. For now it is okay to use the videos, but new ones are on their way that are more suitable for clients. If you don’t want to send those videos to your clients, you can use it for your own reference and then explain to the client how to do it until we have the more professional videos ready.

2) We have updated the Consultation Form and added a list of all the recommendations to the bottom of it as a reference. The recommendations page is currently not an interactive pdf and its best to print them out for now.

3) We are still working hard behind the scenes to set up the new AUD store and it’s taken longer than anticipated and not everything is convertible they way we wanted it to be, so I’ll let you know once it’s completed. It’s up to the discretion of each coach as to whether you want to sell your packages in AUD or USD. So you can continue with the USD for now, or if you have created sales in AUD and they are urgent, please email me on [email protected] and I can manually process them for you for now until we have it all aligned.

To join the HTS Express Online Facebook Group, please follow this link here

Tyler Tolman’s Facebook Fanpage has moved to The Heal Thy Self Movement Fanpage:
And this is the Instagram Fanpage:

We are promoting all our HTS Coaches on those Social Media Outlets.

Become A Coach Landing Page –
Find A Coach Page –

TRiBE Feedback and Feature Requests here at

We had a couple of students asking us if they can direct sell their clients into the HTS Express.

While we would prefer your clients to come to the TLT first and familiarise themselves with the HTS message, you can also direct sell your clients into HTS Express without having them join the TLT first. To be able to do that, please email [email protected] and cc: [email protected] and give details of your clients so FE can call and process your clients booking and link it to your name.

You will be able to earn 20% commission, whether they come to the TLT first or whether you direct sell them into the program.

We want to encourage open and honest conversations and feedback amongst each other and therefore we have created an internal feedback form for you here to use to help one another become the best versions of yourselves:

You can now apply to get your own Personal TRiBE Coupon Code so you can offer a $2/month discount off the Premium Membership whilst receiving your maximum commission level.

Please refer to video below on how to apply.

Find new prices and coupons here

At the Heal Thy Self Academy we have been using a 3D Anatomy App and we have been able to negotiate a great price for our HTS Coach Students to get the app at 51% off across all platforms.

You can follow the instructions on this link: and you can use this great tool to further your studies and transform your understanding about the human anatomy.

Hi Coaches & Coach Students… we need YOU!TRiBE is VERY close to laying the final foundations and we would love if you could be part of contributing your wisdom and knowledge…

These powerful dashboards will be so helpful for you to refer to your clients down the track so the juicier we have them the more beneficial it will be for your clients to immerse in!

Please watch:


Happy Saturday HTS Coaches & Students!!

Just recorded the below for you all!

Please be sure to check out the first comment below to see the special from Danny.

The new products have been launched at the HTS Express in November and you can find them on the store here

Our first HTS Coach Mitchell Villani has joined our team as a HTS Coach Mentor. Mitch joined our first HTS Academy in Jan 2018 and he has been able to build a successful Coaching Business within 1.5 years.

He will be sharing his journey as a healer/coach.. his successes and also his hurdles.. how he overcame them as well as plenty more nuggets of wisdom in how to make YOUR Coaching Business a success during his monthly webinars.

Our first Healing Hub is here. Check this link out for more information

You can create an Affiliate Link and earn commission by referring people to the Hub

You can now create an affiliate link for your Acuity Scheduler to ensure that your clients are ‘cookied’ up to you the moment they book their appointment with you. This way we can trace back any commissions to you much easier.

This is a form where you start a conversation journey with one of your clients about coming to an event. Even if it’s the beginning conversations, this is where you start to show that you are in conversation with this person and working with them to potentially have them come to an event.

We decided to create this as there have been the occasional situation where both coaches and our sales team members have been asking for commission as they spoke to the same potential client.

We want to have a more solid record of conversations so we can allocate to the person who really helped inspire the client to come to one of our life changing programs! So all you need to do is record your conversation here:

I have recorded the attached video to show you how, and have it below but also saved in the FAQ Affiliate Dashboard.

We have automated the client feedback for coaches and coach students. So when a client finishes there consultation, there will be a 2 day follow up email asking to fill out the form.

We have collated all the information on where our Coaches, Students and ex Students are located so you can have assistance with getting eye photos taken for your clients if they are interstate or in another country!

We ask you to never give out the details of the Coach/Student to the client until you have confirmed with the Coach/Student due to privacy reasons.

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#consulthelp – any consultation help, diagnosis, etc

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#training – for any training videos or webinars

Watch below to see how to use them: