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So now you have joined Young Living and you have been thrown into the deep end with all the different jargon used. Well we are here to help with that as below you will find key terms used and their definitions!


- Person who introduced you to Young Living.


- Direct support or upline for a new member.

PV (Personal Volume)

- Total monthly volume of your personal orders.

OGV (Organisation Group Volume)

- The total monthly volume of your entire organisation. Organisation refers to all members under you as the sponsor. Organisation is sometimes referred to as the downline.

PGV (Personal Group Volume)

- Monthly volume in your organisation/downline. This excludes any Silver or higher rank volume.


- The leg is formed when a member who has 100 PV and includes the OGV of their downline. Please note that different ranks have specified number of legs and volumes required.


- Position of member within an organisation. New members directly sponsored by another member are considered the sponsoring member’s first level. Those that are sponsored by a member’s first level are considered the second level etc...


- Young Living member who is actively building Young Living business. In order to receive compensation, a distributor must be considered active. With 100 PV, the distributor qualifies to receive compensation on the volume of two unilevels in his or her organization (paid at 8% and 5%, respectively) in addition to any retail earnings, Fast Start, and Start Living Kit bonuses.

Inactive Account

- Distributors who don’t accrue 50 PV per month and considered inactive for the month and will not qualify to receive certain payouts from their sales organization. 100 PV is required for all commissions except the Fast Start and Starter Kit bonuses.

Dropped Account

- If an account remains inactive for a period of 12 consecutive months (the total cumulative PV purchased within that time is below the 50 PV minimum), the membership will be dropped from Young Living, and any agreements will be void (Essential Rewards Autoship Agreement, Distributor Agreement, etc.).

Essential Rewards (ER)

- The ER program is a monthly auto-ship program. Products you order are automatically shipped on your order processing date. ER purchases earn you ER points that are redeemable for products and you can get rewarded with free products! A minimum of 50 PV is required per month but a 100 PV per month is required for the Rising Star Team Bonus and to be eligible for free gifts.


Membership Types 

Wholesale Member - commitment of 50 PV (Personal Volume) per 12 months.

  • check

    One-off membership fee with purchase of a Premium Starter Kit (PSK) or Basic Starter Kit

  • check

    Access to Compensation Plan - involves earning commissions through the sharing of YL. Business building opportunity

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    24% discount off retail price

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    Bonus Monthly PV Promotion Reward - when reach 190 PV or more in your monthly orders

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    Incentive Trips & YL Member Events

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    Cancel membership anytime - must be done in writing if built an organisation/business

Wholesale Member on Essential Rewards (ER) - commitment of 50 PV (Personal Volume) per month. 100 PV per month to earn ER gifts

  • check

    One-off membership fee with purchase of a Premium Starter Kit (PSK) or Basic Starter Kit

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    Access to Compensation Plan - involves earning commissions through the sharing of YL. Business building opportunity

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    Discounted shipping rates

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    24% discount off retail price

  • check

    Bonus Monthly PV Promotion Reward - when reach 190 PV or more in your monthly orders

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    Enjoy benefits of YL ER program

  • Earn ER points with every order to use toward free product. The % of PV points you earn depends on how many months you have consecutively placed ER orders: 1-3 months: 10% of each ER order, 4-24 months: 20% of each ER order, 25+ months: 25% of each ER order.

  • Get rewarded with free product when you consecutively order a minimum of 100PV each month for 3,6 and 9 months. Received an exclusive blend on your 12th consecutive month and every 12 months after that!

  • Discounted pricing on exclusive ER kits.

  • Hassle free, automatic monthly delivery.

  • Change your order every month as you require.

  • Access to exclusive & commissions like the Rising Star Team Bonus(purchasing downline required).

  • check

    Cancel membership anytime - must be done in writing if built an organisation/business

Retail Membership

  • check

    No one-off membership fee

  • check

    No minimum/regular monthly purchase

  • check

    Pay full retail price

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    Bonus Monthly PV Promotion Reward - when reach 190 PV or more in your monthly orders

  • check

    No access to Compensation Plan or ER Program

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    Cancel membership anytime


Caring for your Essential Oils 

Like anything, we all need to learn how to store and care for our precious essential oils! To help you get started, we have put the below together for you!

Probably the most basic fact to consider when storing your essential oils is to keep them in dark coloured bottles.


Dark coloured glass bottles protect the oils from the sun's ultra-violet light. Emphasis on GLASS because essential oils can melt plastic bottles.

Having them in dark colored glass containers does not mean that you can leave them under direct sunlight, like beside your windows. This can speed up the process of oxidation. Have your essential oils stored in a cool dark place and away from children.

During the summer, to avoid oxidation, you might want to get a storage box to for your essential oils to have them all in one place and to keep them protected from any sudden change of temperature. For the winter season, if for some reason your oils solidify, just warm them up using your hands, give a little shake and you can use them right away.

We all want to bring our oils wherever we go, so when travelling, since essential oils are in glass bottles, you have to invest in a carrier case to avoid breaking them and spillage. You can also bring them during flights and use a smaller carrier with inserts to keep your bottles in place.

Please click here to find out more about Young Living accessories.

And last but not the least, one thing that you should never forget, essential oils are flammable, therefore you should never leave them near sources of ignition such as cookers, fires, candles or any naked flame.


   History of Essential Oils


   How to use Essential Oils to heal


   Scientific Proof


   The Skin


   Why Young Living Oil






   Stress Away










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   General Information 

Essential Rewards FAQ

What products do I need to Get Started?

To start with we suggest a starter kit for a wholesale member. A Premium Starter Kit (PSK) is a good option as it is the most cost effective way to get a variety of different oils so you can begin to explore the essential oils world. A diffuser is also included which adds extra value.

What to do once sign up?

Ensure you regularly check your emails for confirmation that your order has been processed and shipped. Once your order has arrived please take the time to review all items are there as per your order. If there are any resource materials such as Product Guides and Price Lists read through for information and useful tips on how to use each of the oils.

Most, importantly HAVE FUN in the Young Living community!!!

Am I required to make a minimum purchase each month?

To remain a wholesale member, you are required to do a 50 PV (Personal Volume) per year. If you are putting regular monthly orders through, the Essential Rewards (ER) program is an excellent option that can earn you gifts and discounts on ER kits. 

Retail members have no minimum purchases and can order whenever it is convenient for them.

How to use Essential Oils (EO)? 

Each essential oil bottle is labelled with directions on how that oil can be used. Please consult with the directions on the label before using. The Product Guide also has helpful information on EO uses. Please note that directions can vary depending on the oil and how applied e.g. topically.

What does “Carrier Oil” mean? 

A carrier oil is a vegetable oil such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil or olive oil that can be used to dilute essential oils. Young Living has the V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex which is a great carrier oil to ensure that applying EOs is comfortable.

What if I experience skin irritation? 

Before applying any EOs to the skin we suggest a patch test prior to use. This means that you apply 1-2 drops of oil to a patch of skin such as the forearm. Observe the skin for 1-2 hours for any reaction. If you experience a hot or burning sensation apply a carrier oil such as the V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex to the affected area.

Do not use water to remove the oil from skin as can cause more irritation, a carrier oil is best to alleviate the discomfort. Before using the EO again, dilute the oil with a carrier oil and try a patch test again.

   Not for Resale (NFR)

Young Living offers shipment of products on a Not For Resale (NFR) basis. This occurs mainly in countries where Young Living is not officially registered e.g. where there is no Head Office, and where legally allowed to operate and ship to.

International NFR Countries

A list of Young Living NFR countries is below (scroll to the bottom).

Sign up!

Residents in any country where Young Living is not officially registered who want to sign-up and purchase products NFR has to do it under the US enrolment process.

You may still use the sponsor and enroller that has supported you and they do not need to be based in the US. If you have their Young Living member numbers this will assist in becoming a member.

NFR Payment

Orders can be done through the Virtual Office (VO), phone, email, fax and mail.

Payment will be charged in US dollars.

NFR Shipping

Products will be shipped via international carrier from the US. Carriers vary depend on location.

Each country has different customs importation policies and procedures. If products are delayed at customs the member will be considered the importer and be required to obtain any products stopped by customs.

Duties and other important taxes may apply to your purchase. The member will be responsible for any of these costs.

Any member purchasing on an NFR basis are responsible for knowing the importation and custom laws of relevant country.

International Ordering 

Members can order up to a 3 month supply of Young Living products for two individuals per month.

Products ordered must be for personal use of member and immediate family members and are not to be used for retail sale

Members where Young Living is officially registered

Members that reside in countries where Young Living operates can take advantage of purchasing products not available in their market from the US through NFR.

As per payment above the price will be charged in US dollars and shipped as per the above NFR shipping.

If the product is available in member’s local market it cannot be purchased through NFR.

   Ordering Products 

Ordering Products 

Young Living members can login to their Virtual Office (VO) at anytime to place orders online.

Standard Order

  • Click   on left hand side panel of screen (use this when at anytime want to top up on any products)
  • Use catalog to select items (either search by name or number)

  • Checkout >Select shipping option, confirm delivery address and payment.

  • You will receive confirmation of your order via email as well as once processed and shipped/available for pickup.

  • Click on left hand side panel of screen.
  • Details Monthly Order Summary:

Monthly ER Orders

  • Next Order Processing Date

  • Monthly Order Total

  • Monthly Order Total PV

  • Shipping Address - can be updated

  • Payment Method - can be updated

You can also select to change processing date and process now if wish to get order early.

  • Select  

  • Use Monthly Order catalog to select items (either search by name or number)

  • Click Items will be saved and remind you of the date your next order is to be processed and auto-shipped.


Ordering Products 

You will receive email confirmation that your order has been processed and when it has been shipped or available for delivery.

Order will be shipped to address selected including if selected to pick up from a Young Living head office.

There are discounted shipping rates for those wholesale members on the Essential Rewards (ER) program.

Australian Shipping Rates

  • Australia Post Standard Postage $6.05 AUD ( 3-7 business days)

  • Pick up Sydney Head Office

US Shipping Rates 

UK & Europe Shipping Rates

   Social Media 

Social Media


Join Heal Thy Self with Oils group - exclusive to Tyler’s downline


The Human Body and Essential Oils https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehumanbody/

This FB group has fantastic educational information. There are tips on DIY recipes as well as themed info such as essential oils with kids. I would definitely recommend joining this one.

The Savvy Mess https://www.facebook.com/thesavvymess/

FB group set up by Melissa Poepping who developed the Savvy Minerals makeup line for Young Living.

Young Living Essential Oils https://www.facebook.com/YoungLiving/

Loads of great info as YL FB page.

Savvy Face - https://www.facebook.com/groups/savvyface/

Online makeup tutorials and classes. Links can be shared when wanting to share information with your downline


Official Young Living Channel  - https://www.youtube.com/user/youngliving007

There is great info on the company here as well as product info and how-tos

Jen’s Tips - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdf7PGqS2Hqp6oPB5i7p6xQ

This is the YT page of Jen O’Sullivan who runs The Human Body and Essential Oils.

You can also do searches around specific products or info. For example, culinary oils brought back videos on a number of recipes to include the culinary oils as well as general cooking and baking with oils.


Pinterest is an amazing source of information in condensed formats with infographics. There are simple DIY mixes and uses of oils for a range of different purposes. This can be used to pass down to people in your downline too


Go to Apps for Essential Oils

There are plenty of apps in the market that give you info and usage of essential oils at a click of a button!

Reference Guide for Essential Oils 

This is a great tool as it allows you to look up specific issues such as pain and it give you blends that you can use as well as going into specific detail about the issue. In the case of pain many recipes were identified for muscle, joint and surgical pain, for example. There is also usage instructions from topical to aromatic.

Please note this app does have a cost associated with it.

The EO Bar

The EO Bar is run by Jen O’Sullivan who runs the Human Body and Essential Oils Facebook group. It is a comprehensive view of essential oils and aromatherapy education. There are over 300 recipes and many tips on how to use. Also, the great thing about this app it is specific to Young Living!

Please note this app does have a cost associated with it.

Oily App

Oily App has partnered with Young Living as an essential oils education and business building resource. There are also FAQs to support you and supports many countries where Young Living operate. All you need to do is select the country on the home page! Check out http://www.oilyapp.com/ for more info...

Please note this app does have a cost associated with it.

Oily Tools

Oily Tools allow you to login to your Virtual Office (VO) and assists with managing current month’s estimated earnings based on the Young Living Compensation Plan. This app also provides you with views of your downline for easy contact, commissions and reporting. Think of this app as the all rounder allowing you to access your VO on the go in an easy to read format. Check out https://www.oilytools.com/ for more info!!!

The app is free however, there is a cost associated with subscribing.


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