We’re so happy to welcome you into Heal Thy Self TRiBE!!

We have a lot to share with you take a look at the checklist!


Thanks for being here!

We know Heal Thy Self Tribe is attracting people who really want to grow and evolve, support each other and have a lot of fun at the same time.

We know you’ll gain a lot from having more clarity, direction, motivation and possibly even more time, with all that we have to share with you.

We will officially all begin Heal Thy Self Tribe together on Sunday, September 10th.

So this week before is kind of like an orientation week or “O-week” as they say at college or university.

We invite you to start mingling with fellow Heal Thy Self Tribers in our private facebook group and we’ve got some welcome goodies for you to download and start getting in the feel of things before September 10th.


Sometimes we’ve been programmed that health has to be hard or boring. Well we think differently to that.

Yes you have to be committed, but when you have your ‘why’ and you focus on doing things you love then everything changes and working on your health becomes the greatest joy. 

This is going to be a lot of fun - we have so much to share with you.

Let’s focus on your next steps!

My Checklist

Your login details have been emailed to you.

And introduced yourself in the following way: Your name, Where you live, Why you joined Heal Thy Self Tribe and what you’d like to gain, Something you’re awesome at and Something you want to learn.

You can save this on your computer or print to put on a wall or vision board.

Prepare a cup of tea or a juice and give yourself 30 minutes of Self Care time this week to spend on this exercise.

We recommend you listen to this first thing in the morning. When your alarm goes off hit the snooze button and listen to this. It’s only a few minutes long but will impact yourentire day.

Music is the best motivator. We’ve selected some of our favourite songs for you to listen to.

Stay motivated and track your progress anytime, anywhere.

A reminder of what's to come

Every month we will cycle through this process together.


Setting your goals and intentions

Take the 7 Principles of Health Check-in and get your recommended lessons and action steps.

Use the Positive Change Tool to help set you up for success.


Educational Case Study is released

Tyler walks you through a case study where he shares the different tools he uses to identify blockages and weakness in the body and how they can be healed.


Motivational Podcast is released

Tyler interviews the people who have inspired or helped him the most and shares their top tips with you. Perfect to listen to on a walk, or in the car on the way to work.


Live Q&A

With Tyler or one of the Heal Thy Self Inner Circle of Experts
There is a question box on the homepage once you enter the membership area. We’ll guide you through this in the Welcome Video.

Your Tribe Membership Login Details have been emailed to you. If you have any problems ​email customer service. 

We’re so happy that you’re here!

Tyler, Rachelle
& the Heal Thy Self Team!