Happy, Healthy Hormones

The Happy Healthy Hormone is a Web Event presentation FULL of information about hormone health.

In this presentation you will discover the factors that may have been involved in getting hormones out of balance and what you can do to re-establish harmony in your own body.


When we think “Hormone Imbalance” many think pimply teenager, irregular periods, trouble falling pregnant, PCOS, endometriosis, hot flushes, sore breasts and trouble sleeping. When in fact Hormone Imbalances can also be a contributing factor in things like headaches, constipation, diarrhoea, even osteoporosis and diabetes.

So how do we identify Hormone Imbalances and what are the main contributing factors?  
In this presentation you will see the Tolman Health Coaches Karen & Emma will be sharing their broad range of experiences in the treatment and support of their clients with varying hormone conditions. 

In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Learn the specific details of what happens when we start to fast at 8 hours, 14 hours, 24 hours and more
  • See what happens to a sick persons blood chemistry when they fast
  • Learn about some of the signs of deficiency you may be experiencing and how to change it
  • Get inspired for major Evolution and growth in these crazy times

14th December Happy, Healthy Hormones


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