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Starting a Young Living Business

We all love our oils. We use them to make our own household cleaners, DIY beauty products and help us if we and our loved ones are sick. The list goes on with the benefits that you can get from using essential oils, but why not add “making an income” to that list?

There are many ways to share Young Living with others….not only will it allow you to share the great benefits that they can get from Essential Oils, but this opportunity will allow you to access the Young Living Compensation Plan.

So what do you actually need to start you Essential Oils business?

Become an Independent Distributor

The great thing about becoming an independent distributor is that it’s a low investment to start up. You can be one with less than $300 plus you get the oils and the diffuser from the Premium Starter Kit.

Use your oils

Once you get your starter kit, start using the oils. Learn more about each one and take the time to build your own testimonial for each oil in the kit.

Make it a point to use your oils in public. Apply Stress-Away while waiting in line in a cafe or at the supermarket. Diffuse oils when having guests at home. Post pictures of yourself using oils on Facebook. This helps build the curiosity of the people around you.

It’s not selling. It’s just you, using your oils.

Set meetings, seminars or 1 on 1’s

Start with a small group, may it be your own family members or a group of friends. Start by sharing your experience with the oils. Pass around the bottles to let them experience it first hand.

Teaching classes and sharing the oils is all about education.

There’s NO SELLING at all. Just teach classes and then help people sign up with their own account through you.

Start earning

Young Living allows you to earn for a living in the comforts of your own home. Just by talking with family members and friends, encouraging them to sign up already allows you to earn commission. Click here to find out more.

Understanding the Compensation Plan