SLC Update


Posted on May 8, 2020

We have been streamlining the Coach Acuity to link directly with your Zoom. It will create automatic bookings inside your zoom that you can access if you click Meetings inside Zoom.

IMPORTANT – What else has changed are your Calendar booking links. You now only have ONE LINK to send people to for your “direct scheduling link”. The best place ideally to send them is your coach sales page that we create on the Heal Thy Self Website… but if you are a person who wants to send them directly to the calendar you will need to use your Calendar Link.

Below I have done a video for you updating you all on your updated Individual Coach Sales Pages, The USD & AUD Recommendation Forms, and where to find in zoom the links for your Coach Sessions.

VIDEO ONE (Update Summary) –

VIDEO TWO (How to find your Direct Scheduling Link in Acuity) –

To access your Coach Sales Page:

To access the USD Reco Form:
To access the AUD Reco Form:

To log into Acuity: