Resources – Young Living Lingo

So now you have joined Young Living and you have been thrown into the deep end with all the different jargon used. Well we are here to help with that as below you will find key terms used and their definitions!


- Person who introduced you to Young Living.


- Direct support or upline for a new member.

PV (Personal Volume)

- Total monthly volume of your personal orders.

OGV (Organisation Group Volume)

- The total monthly volume of your entire organisation. Organisation refers to all members under you as the sponsor. Organisation is sometimes referred to as the downline.

PGV (Personal Group Volume)

- Monthly volume in your organisation/downline. This excludes any Silver or higher rank volume.


- The leg is formed when a member who has 100 PV and includes the OGV of their downline. Please note that different ranks have specified number of legs and volumes required.


- Position of member within an organisation. New members directly sponsored by another member are considered the sponsoring member’s first level. Those that are sponsored by a member’s first level are considered the second level etc...


- Young Living member who is actively building Young Living business. In order to receive compensation, a distributor must be considered active. With 100 PV, the distributor qualifies to receive compensation on the volume of two unilevels in his or her organization (paid at 8% and 5%, respectively) in addition to any retail earnings, Fast Start, and Start Living Kit bonuses.

Inactive Account

- Distributors who don’t accrue 50 PV per month and considered inactive for the month and will not qualify to receive certain payouts from their sales organization. 100 PV is required for all commissions except the Fast Start and Starter Kit bonuses.

Dropped Account

- If an account remains inactive for a period of 12 consecutive months (the total cumulative PV purchased within that time is below the 50 PV minimum), the membership will be dropped from Young Living, and any agreements will be void (Essential Rewards Autoship Agreement, Distributor Agreement, etc.).

Essential Rewards (ER)

- The ER program is a monthly auto-ship program. Products you order are automatically shipped on your order processing date. ER purchases earn you ER points that are redeemable for products and you can get rewarded with free products! A minimum of 50 PV is required per month but a 100 PV per month is required for the Rising Star Team Bonus and to be eligible for free gifts.