Care For Your Essential Oils

Caring for your Essential Oils 

Like anything, we all need to learn how to store and care for our precious essential oils! To help you get started, we have put the below together for you!

Probably the most basic fact to consider when storing your essential oils is to keep them in dark coloured bottles.


Dark coloured glass bottles protect the oils from the sun's ultra-violet light. Emphasis on GLASS because essential oils can melt plastic bottles.

Having them in dark colored glass containers does not mean that you can leave them under direct sunlight, like beside your windows. This can speed up the process of oxidation. Have your essential oils stored in a cool dark place and away from children.

During the summer, to avoid oxidation, you might want to get a storage box to for your essential oils to have them all in one place and to keep them protected from any sudden change of temperature. For the winter season, if for some reason your oils solidify, just warm them up using your hands, give a little shake and you can use them right away.

We all want to bring our oils wherever we go, so when travelling, since essential oils are in glass bottles, you have to invest in a carrier case to avoid breaking them and spillage. You can also bring them during flights and use a smaller carrier with inserts to keep your bottles in place.

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And last but not the least, one thing that you should never forget, essential oils are flammable, therefore you should never leave them near sources of ignition such as cookers, fires, candles or any naked flame.