Your First Steps

Please come and join our private Heal Thy Self with Oils Facebook Group where we share daily inspiration and wisdom for how to use the Young Living Oils products. This is an awesome community with everyone from beginners right through to essential oil and aromatherapy experts. Click here to join the group and once approved, we’d love you to introduce yourself and share what you would most love to gain from Heal Thy Self with Oils.

02 Join Essentials Rewards - Monthly Recurring Order

Imagine being rewarded with discounted and free essential oils that are of the purest quality and ethically sourced with love from around the world. They are such an amazing product, Rachelle and I don’t go a single day without using these oils in our personal care or at home. Please make sure you’ve signed up for the Monthly Rewards program so you get the most benefit as you get to know and love these oils. If you want to consider Young Living as a business, we’re also here to guide you on your journey.

03 Let our Experts guide how to get the most out of your Young Living Products

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