Welcome to the Health Education And Lifestyle (H•E•A•L) Online Course 

How to get started


Download the Workbook

Click on the button above to download the Heal Thy Self Express LIVE workbook. You can save the workbook on your device or print (double-sided) to take notes as you follow along.  


Watch the Videos

In each module, we’ve broken the videos down into bite size chunks. Work through them at your own pace or watch them all in one sitting. The choice is yours! Tick them off as you go to easily see where you’re up to.


Take Your Test

Once you’ve worked through a topic, do the test at the bottom of that module. This is the best way to see whether you need to revisit a topic and do a little more reading. Aim to score at 80% or higher on each one before moving on.


Join the Academy

Once you’ve achieved a test score of 80% or more across each module, you’ve qualified to join us at the Tolman Health Academy! WOOHOO!!! Click here to apply now or learn more about what will be covered.

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