First.. please do not freak out or worry! Due to COVID-19 postal service delays, we pre-empted that this may happen for a few of our guests so we have a plan B mapped out to support you!

There are 2 different shipments that are on their way to you…

#1. Eye Camera

#2. Academy Workbook

#1. How to survive this course without your Heal Thy Self Eye Camera?

Click here  to see instructions on how to take great eye photos from the comfort of your own home without an Eye Camera!

#2. No Workbooks..What do I do?

We couriered the workbooks so they shouldn’t be too far away.. We have created this spreadsheet for you to track your shipment. In the interim, see below the files that have been sent to you. Please go ahead and download them. We have broken the workbook down so it’s easier for you to download. We hope your workbook will arrive before you need to download part 2, but if it doesn’t be sure to reach out to [email protected].

Thank you for working with us during this unusual time on the planet!

The Tyler Tolman Team