This is the checklist page for those attending the Heal Thy Self Academy

This program is a fun, interactive, educational experience designed to help you kick-start your Heal Thy Self Journey by learning about the 7 Body Systems amongst a group of fellow like-minded souls. You can find the landing page for this event at tylertolman.com/heal-thy-self-academy/

 Please check off the below checklist and if you have any further questions email us.

We can’t wait to see you at this program!

This is an education only event, thus we do not provide accommodation, airport transfer, or sustenance during this program. This program is packed full of information and learning and to ensure that your brain has plenty of energy for taking in and retaining the information we please ask that you do not fast during this program. You will have time to find amazing food nearby during your breaks.

We ask you to fill this out so that we have all your details on hand. We especially ask of you to make sure to include your shipping address in this form to where you would like us to send your HTSA Welcome Pack. We currently only send the Heal Thy Self Academy Welcome Packs within Australia so if you are located outside of Australia we will send your pack to a crew member to bring with them to Bali and you will receive yours when you register for the event on Day 1. If this is the case we will send you an email to let you know that we will arrange for this. 

Please complete the Personal Details Form here.

If you opted for the Heal Thy Self Express Online course, make sure you have completed and passed ALL modules of the course. Remember, completing Heal Thy Self Express, either online or in person, is a pre-requisite for attending the Heal Thy Self Academy.

If you attended the Heal Thy Self Express Live Event, please read through your workbook to refresh your memory of what was covered at the workshop.

Please make sure you bring a laptop to the event. You will need this when you are doing your iridology modules. You will either need a Mac or a PC with Windows 10 as a minimum software requirement.

You will also need to bring your Eye Camera to the event along with your laptop. We will send out the Eye Cameras approximately 4 weeks before the event. If you haven’t yet received your Eye Camera, please email [email protected].

BEFORE you come to Bali, please set up your Eye Camera software on your laptop. Here are some instructional videos on how to do it.

For Mac users:

Step 1: How to set up your camera for Macbooks

Step 2: Using your eye camera with a client

Step 3: Where and how to save your files on a Macbook

For Windows users:

Step 1: How to set up your eye camera for Windows

Step 2: Using your eye camera with a client

Step 3: Where and how to save your files on a PC

The Heal Thy Self Academy is always held in a luxurious beach side paradise in Bali.

The Venue for the August-September 2020 event is still to be confirmed.

There are LOTS of villas and hotels available in Bali and it really depends on your personal budget. Google will be your best friend for discovering the right place for you. We also recommend looking at www.airbnb.comwww.agoda.com or www.bookings.com.

Generally, the longer you wait the more expensive flights get. Make sure you know what date check in and check out as well as the start and finish times are for your event before you book your flights. 


There are some important things we need you to be aware of, so please read and understand the event Terms & Conditions here.

For your ease you can click the checkbox once you've read the information.

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