This is the place you will find all the links and resources you need for attending my Heal Thy Self Academy Program!! 

I am so excited to take this journey with you! I love teaching this programs, it is my absolute passion and I am excited for you to be apart of it.. It truly is a #lifechanging journey that we are undertaking together! By now you have already completed my Heal Thy Self Express 3 days program and we are coming back together for this amazing 10 day program! Both Live and Virtually, over this 10 days we are going to connect on deeper levels, I am going to take you step by step through the 7 Body Systems, Iridology  & Sclerology, Physical anatomy, the TOLMAN METHODâ„¢ of health. I will also teach you HOW to implement this in your own life and guide others on this path of transformation through consultations and coaching. 

Through out your event this “welcome” page will become activated with the different offers throughout the program, so look out for them!

Your next steps are to check out the “Pre-Event Checklist” page!

See you soon!

Tyler Tolman TT