Here you can find resources to our most popular cleanse guidelines and questions.
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The 7 Principles of Health are the Foundation of the Tolman Method of Healing! 

We recommend taking the quiz once a month to stay on track and see where you are improving and where you can improve more! 

Print out the quiz or complete online and draw your own wheel! 

Make sure you post a photo of your wheel in the FREE COMMUNITY GROUP!

Let’s inspire each other! Together we are better!

Read about Cleanses

Why do a Raw Food Cleanse?

Detoxify your body and nourish it with beautiful living whole foods to stay vibrantly healthy…

Why do a Colon Cleanse?

Gently clean your colon by removing waste, toxins, pesticides, metals and…

Why do a Juice Cleanse?

Promote detoxification, boost your immunity with loads of nutrients and heal faster by…

Why do a Water Cleanse?

Regain youthfulness, naturally burn fat, reset cellular physiology. Enjoy more…

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